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If you’re thinking of owning or investing in a good business or if you find ground floor opportunities intriguing, talk to us!
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It’s Personal Because it’s Yours

Spectra Salon Suites Franchising support their franchisees to locate, acquire, design, equip, staff, open, own and operate a suitable Salon Suite location to create a community of spa and salon businesses in carefully selected market areas. Our Franchisees lease private studio space to salon professionals who offer a variety of specialized personal services to keep their clients looking and feeling their best.

Solving Your Tenant’s Toughest Problem

However, leasing space is only the beginning. Our franchisees will help their salon owner-tenants solve their toughest problem—attracting and capturing the interest and devotion of clients expecting to be swept off their feet by a spectacular spa and salon setting. Salon owners and their clients can expect their Spectra Salon experience to be exceptional.

It’s Personal Because it’s Theirs

Owner-professionals will find in Spectra the perfect place to take their businesses personally. They will build their businesses out of their own preferences. Their studio-suites will be their design, image, color, style, accoutrements, floors, furniture, fixtures, art and pictures. Our owners will bring into each day a drive, an attitude, a smile and drive to be attentive to every detail— preferential treatment at its best flowing throughout the entire Spectra Salon community.
Is Owning For You?

Consider Becoming a Franchisee if you:


Want to own a business.


Are looking for a business that does not require franchisee to be present or participate.


Are Interested in a specific market area.


Understand and accept where Spectra Salon Suites is in the development of its system.


Are prepared to invest $1,000,000 or more to get into business.


Can spend eight to ten months for site selection, design, construction and opening the business.


Have the financial capability and/or backing to locate, lease, open and operate your business through start up.


Will be trained to Spectra’s satisfaction in Denver Colorado, on the job and at your location.


Will comply with Spectra’s systems controlling brand, operations, finance management structure and communication standards.


Desire to communicate, cooperate and collaborate with us and other franchisees to share operations information and develop new ideas.

Available markets

A map of the United States of America, with Texas and Colorado highlighted.

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