Why Choose Spectra?

The exterior of a Spectra suite with large glass panes
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Spectra is Perfect for Hair Stylists and other Spa Professionals

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Spectra is a state-of-the-art salon with amenities that are unmatched by all other salon suites.


Independent and adjustable heating & cooling for each suite. Stylist/spa owners have the ability to adjust the temperature within their suite from 65-80 degrees independent of other suites or the salon itself. This provides maximum comfort for both the stylist/spa owners and their clients.


Each stylist/spa owner has a profile on the Spectra Salon Suites website with a link to that stylist/spa owner’s schedule. The stylist/spa owners maintain their own schedules with the added convenience for their clients to schedule their appointments through the website or directly with the stylist/spa owner.


Each suite is provided with 2 circuits for convenience outlets located on every wall. Aside from the normal equipment needed, this should provide ample power for additional components such as refrigerators to be plugged in.

Keyed Suite Entry

Each suite is keyed individually providing additional security for the stylist/spa owners.


Each suite has the latest LED lighting with dual switching to give each stylist/spa owner greater flexibility for adjusting lighting in their individual suite.

Retail Shopping

Located within the Park Meadows shopping district, each stylist/spa owner and their clients have convenient access to a variety of shopping and dining opportunities.

Access Control

After hours access to the salon is provided via electronic access control. Access by each stylist/spa owner is via a key fob or can be keyed into the system using a personalized access code. Clients arriving after hours are able to key in their stylist/spa owner’s suite number and the system will then alert the stylist/spa owner via text message directly to their phone.


Parking immediately adjacent to the salon is provided for each stylist/spa owner and their client(s). Peak season parking is provided with easy overflow parking for the stylist/spa owners while their clients still have convenient parking adjacent to the salon. Parking lights provide ample lighting for both stylist/spa owners and their clients after hours.


The salonhas a breakroom for all stylist/spa owners. This breakroom provides additional space for the stylist/spa owners to sit and enjoy a conversation or a meal while waiting for their next client or perhaps their laundry to finish up.

Come Visit Spectra In Person

Are you interested in being a part of the Spectra family? There is no better way to see how incredible our facilities are than by coming in for an in-person tour!

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If you feel like you still have more questions, we are happy to answer any and all of them! Topics ranging from our amenities, costs of ownership, and more.